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Triple Goddess @ Synchronize Set

After a handful of underground warehouse parties in Oakland (Orgnsm appears at a couple of these) this seemed to mark a culmination point of the Triple Goddess collective and was indeed a fundraiser to fuel further parties this spring/summer.

Mixed Tracks: 
Orestis - AM Fear RMX
Olien - Calmar
Osom - Wimp
CPC - Piter 25
Already Maged - Pagan Autumn
CPC vs. Lost Eden - Noise Fans
Alien Mental - RMX
Psykovsky - Erlkoenig
Hallucinogenic Horses - Blur Witch Project
Psykovsky - Hellove Ja Wohl Yo



Mixed Product

The culmination of a fair amount of my DJ efforts* can now be yours. Download mix 150BPM, 1:12'26, 148.39MB, MPEG II Layer 3, Stereo, 44.100 kHz, 286 kbps (VBR)

Mix File Location: 
Mixed Tracks: 
Orestis - AM Fear Rmx
Ocelot - Sunyata
Olien - Calmar
Horror Place - Psyche n Delos
Alien Mental - Life Force Rmx
Psykovsky & Kindzadza - Indigo Child
Osom - Osmotrix
CPC - Yamaas
Para Halu - Flipper
Orestis & Datakult - Into the Darkness
Dominator - No Delay
Kerberos - Dream Control

El Corazon Bravo (The Fearless Heart) - w/VJ Orgnsm


We'll open the party with nullspace and it'll be an adventure in dark psy trance from there on out, hope you'll join us!

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