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Triple Goddess @ Synchronize Set

After a handful of underground warehouse parties in Oakland (Orgnsm appears at a couple of these) this seemed to mark a culmination point of the Triple Goddess collective and was indeed a fundraiser to fuel further parties this spring/summer.

Mixed Tracks: 
Orestis - AM Fear RMX
Olien - Calmar
Osom - Wimp
CPC - Piter 25
Already Maged - Pagan Autumn
CPC vs. Lost Eden - Noise Fans
Alien Mental - RMX
Psykovsky - Erlkoenig
Hallucinogenic Horses - Blur Witch Project
Psykovsky - Hellove Ja Wohl Yo

Triple Goddess Fundraiser @ Synchronize

Event Flyer
Event Flyer

TripleGoddess invites you to join us for a night of heavy psy as we commemorate the end of winter and a threshold of expansion into new vistas of mental and spiritual exploration. We have some exciting things planned this Spring season as we bring our inclusive spirit of original,

Il Pirata, SF



Mixed Product

The culmination of a fair amount of my DJ efforts* can now be yours. Download mix 150BPM, 1:12'26, 148.39MB, MPEG II Layer 3, Stereo, 44.100 kHz, 286 kbps (VBR)

Mix File Location: 
Mixed Tracks: 
Orestis - AM Fear Rmx
Ocelot - Sunyata
Olien - Calmar
Horror Place - Psyche n Delos
Alien Mental - Life Force Rmx
Psykovsky & Kindzadza - Indigo Child
Osom - Osmotrix
CPC - Yamaas
Para Halu - Flipper
Orestis & Datakult - Into the Darkness
Dominator - No Delay
Kerberos - Dream Control

El Corazon Bravo (The Fearless Heart) - w/VJ Orgnsm


We'll open the party with nullspace and it'll be an adventure in dark psy trance from there on out, hope you'll join us!

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